“Breath by breath. Inch by inch. See the distance of your success as it truly is, not in leaps and bounds but in each second you move forward.” -David Rutherford


Dear Friend,

There’s a resilience we gain from savoring the small victories.

Our recognition of each step forward, however small, generates more presence and life energy in the moment, fueling further forward momentum.

In my own recovery from chronic fatigue, I’ve realized that aiming for the highest, without pausing to cultivate gratitude for the little accomplishments along the way, leads to burnout and exhaustion. Acknowledging the beauty of the tiny steps along the longer path gives me strength.

This simple practice is making all the difference:

“What small accomplishment can I celebrate today?”

If nothing comes to mind, pause to celebrate womans health that you are STILL HERE.  You are a small victory, because you exist.  At least 93% of the mass in your body was made in 15 million degree temperatures at the cores of distant stars. The odds that the one egg met the one sperm to make you (and not your brother) are one in 400 quadrillion.  As a teacher once said, the Universe went through a great deal of trouble to make you YOU. Let’s stop wasting our time wishing we were different and better… even as we continue to move forward into the better prayer we have for our lives.

I’m grateful to be taking these small steps with you…


Siri Peterson Cavanna

August 20, 2016