Siri Yoga Iyengar Quote

My Yoga Journey

I am so grateful to the myriad practices of yoga which support and sustain us in the challenging flux of everyday living…

I began my yogic journey as a child, and for 27 years I’ve continued to study with truly great teachers. I am grateful for their profound wisdom and knowledge. Yet, the path of yoga is truly one of awakening to our own inner knowing.

As we continue to practice, we begin to listen deeply to all aspects of ourselves. Through this listening, yoga reconnects us to our own source energy and anchors us deeply in our core wisdom. We learn to trust ourselves, our bodies and the flow of life fully.

In this way we can show up for our lives wholly and courageously, understanding that life itself is the greatest teacher and the greatest teaching.

For me, this is the role of the teacher- to guide students back to themselves.

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