Siri and Baby Yoga Teaching

"My highest intention

is to help students

connect to the

inner teacher."

My Mission

To share the myriad practices of yoga which support and sustain us in the challenging flux of everyday living…

How we hold ourselves in daily life, our posture or “asana”, profoundly shapes who we are and how we act in the world.  We can absolutely change our thinking and our behavior by attending to our breath and our physical and emotional alignment. In yoga we learn to hold ourselves with more reverence, confidence, fluidity and authenticity. In practice, the emphasis is never on the attainment of a perfected physical pose but rather on aligning our hearts, minds, and bodies to recognize and reveal our best self in any given moment.

The work of all healers is to heal themselves first. As we move forward in our own healing, we pull our loved ones up with us.  As we strengthen our physical containers, and fill our own vessels up first, we become more and more capable of offering up the love that will heal the world.

I dedicate my teaching to helping you cultivate your highest potential and deepest unfolding in your real life off the mat. May this practice heal and support you, your families and your loved ones at all levels.



Siri Yoga Scared Geometry