Siri is without a doubt a brilliant, sparkling jewel of a yoga instructor who is deeply passionate about helping her students advance their practice. She helps her students achieve agile flexibility, abundant energy, vitality, and serene balance. I took her yoga teacher immersion twice and came away with many precious gems of knowledge.  If you value superb instruction, her class is not to be missed!

Judy Wei

Siri is deeply knowledgeable and caring, and I have nothing but deepest gratitude for knowing her and studying with her. Her teaching inspires students to take loving care of themselves through their practice. She truly makes yoga, in all it’s wonderful complexity, accessible and personal. She continues to help me cultivate healing, support, fluidity, and joy in my yoga practice.

Ava W.

Siri’s grace, strength and love of yoga are inspirational and contagious. She is also one of the most informed and professional teachers I have had the pleasure to study with. I am honored to be her student.

Lisa Sanford

Thank you so very much for offering me tools on how to take care of myself over the last few years. Ultimately you have given me back my back, and for that I am grateful.  Thank you!


Thank you for giving me back the joy of a more active class again, without the pain.


I feel open and grounded after Siri’s class. Her clear cues and language pain relief provide a deeper understanding of the poses.

Meredith Rom

I am eternally grateful for having found Siri and having access to her expert teachings. Her perpetual quest to deepen her understanding of all things relating to mind and body enables her to teach from a place of broad knowledge and deep wisdom. She is not only keenly aware of the principles of biomechanics and best practices as they pertain to asana but her heart-centered classes serve as an invitation home– to our higher selves and the common ground that connects us all.  Did I express how grateful I am?!?

Maria Riddle

Siri is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Her wisdom about body alignment has been extremely helpful to me. She gives detailed instructions about what to try shifting in our bodies when we hold a pose, and as a result I feel better in my body as I move through life. I especially appreciate how Siri shares examples of her own struggles both on and off the mat, modeling for us how to notice and take advantage of opportunities for growth. While in her class, I feel a deep feeling of connection to her and to the rest of the human race.

David Reiley

Siri elegantly weaves her classes with simple directions and fresh tips to open us to new perspectives for a rewarding practice we can take into daily life.