“What doesn’t bend… breaks. “

Dear Friend,

As some of you know, my family and I were planning on moving to the country this Spring. Surprise! In the eleventh hour it became very clear that we were not. The news came as a shock, and I certainly didn’t take it gracefully at first.  But I’m learning some things from this experience about how to help my body cope with the inevitable shocks of life.

Unexpected events can register in our systems as either surprise or shock depending on how we’re holding ourselves. When we’re holding our bodies and expectations rigidly, we’re also inevitably holding our breath and energy cannot move freely. In these cases, our rigidly held structures can’t ride the waves.

Rigidity is not strength, and more sleeping aids often than not, our empowerment can come through softening.

Yoga pro tip of the week:  BEND YOUR KNEES.

Seriously. Bend your knees. All. The. Time.

In tadasana, instead of lifting your kneecaps, bend your knees a bit until you feel more strength, tone, and buoyancy in your legs and lungs. In a difficult conversation? Bend your knees, feel the ground, and take a deeper breath before you speak. When you’re tired and overwhelmed, bend your knees and notice more resiliency arise in your spine. In times of great intensity, you can let your knees bend until they take you all the way to the ground… where you can pray or rest.


Siri Peterson Cavanna

August 8, 2017