“Acknowledging the good that you
already have in your life is the foundation of all abundance.”

-Eckhart Tolle

As the days get shorter, nature is inviting us to go slow down, to go within, and to connect to that which is deeply nourishing. Yet so many of us fall forward into the busy holiday season without even taking a moment to pause and contemplate the gifts and lessons of the year.
In my past the word gratitude evoked feelings of moral obligation or spiritual duty, as in “I should be grateful for…”
I now recognize gratitude as a powerful spiritual practice which invites us to PAUSE and OPEN in order to fully receive the abundance in our lives. Gratitude is the alchemy that anticonvulsant uplifts, transforms difficulty into meaningfulness, and allows experience to penetrate deeply into our hearts.
If you tend to use your yoga practice as a tool for self improvement, then this idea is especially important. This month I invite you to approach your practice as a way of
giving back to your body…. in gratitude for all the ways your body has supported you. Truly your body is grace itself, a humble servant, NEVER NOT SUPPORTING you.
If you have a moment (right now would be good) come into child’s pose. Breathe deeply into the back of your heart. With loving attention to your body, repeat the mantra THANK YOU internally for an entire minute. See how it feels…
February 2, 2016

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