Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how to create a life I truly love. Many of us envision ourselves doing more meaningful work in the world and creating a more abundant future for our families. Strangely though, I’ve noticed that the more I vision my new and improved future life, the heavier I feel. Faced with all the self-improvement required to get there, I actually begin to feel bad about myself, less present and less motivated to move forward.
Recently a wonderful friend and teacher helped me to remember that I can just CHOOSE TO LOVE MY LIFE. It’s so glaringly obvious that most of us overlook it. Right here and right now, with things as they are, we can love our lives. We don’t actually need any justification at all.
It’s really a question of what motivates us. We can be fueled by appreciation and gratitude for the gifts that are already ours, or we can be fueled by the fear, dissatisfaction and self-loathing that are often disguised as a drive for self-improvement. Both paths move us forward in life. But by tending to and nurturing the goodness that’s already present, we experience more natural energy and less burnout.
If choosing to love your life as it is right now feels impossibly far-fetched, the yoga invites us to practice making that choice breath by breath. 
As you’re reading this I invite you to take a few deep breaths- the kind of breath that feels really, really good, the kind of breath you breathe when you’re happy. Sit up tall, and make more room for that breath to nourish you. Now, scan your body for places inside you that FEEL GOOD. We’re habituated to notice what hurts or needs healing, but just for right now, place your attention on what feels good in your body. Immerse yourself in that good feeling. Invite it to spread towards other parts of your body, mind and heart.
Practice placing your attention on what you love about your life, even the smallest thing, for a minute… ten minutes. See what happens.
February 2, 2016

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