My practice always reminds me to start right where I am, just as I am.  Often the most difficult part of any practice (and perhaps all of life) is simply showing up… over and over and over again.
Many of us are in the midst of a powerful crucible of activity and change. Personally, I am getting married, having a baby, getting settled in my new home in Oakland, and constantly clarifying my life’s vision and purpose.
As I move through the splendor and busyness of summer, I’ve experienced multiple moments of feeling alcoholism feel totally overwhelmed, anxious, pushed off my center. There were many moments of wanting to give up and check out.  I’m beginning to use these moments as sweet and loving reminders to come back to my breath…. and start again, right where I am.
Simple off the mat practice:  the next time you’re at your edge and feeling overwhelmed… try to bring your awareness to the edges of your breath- that space of suspended stillness between the inhalation and the exhalation. Notice that space and just be there with your breath.  Stay with this until something shifts. It will.
Each breath offers a moment of rest, an opportunity to reset and start fresh.
Each breath is a new beginning….
February 2, 2016

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