“Let your life be the teacher… and the teaching.”  -George Bertlestein

As I move forward in my parenting, my intimate relationships and my teaching, the more I have to acknowledge that there is so very little I actually “know”. Instead of offering answers, my life constantly invites me to its greater mystery.

One of my mentors, George Bertlestein, has helped me understand that this “not knowing”, while often uncomfortable, is actually a really GOOD THING.

So often our responses to life’s challenges are pre-conditioned, habitual and not appropriate to what’s happening in present time. By allowing ourselves to be in a space of curiosity, a space of not knowing, we can shift out of our unconscious reactions into a practice of conscious listening.

When we listen more we start to engage adhd with life as it is, as opposed to how we think it should be. And this makes living easier…

YOGA FOR REAL LIFE:  Spend some time in the practice of just listening (not planning ahead, not remembering, just listening).  Set a timer for 2, 5 or 10 min, or whatever you can spare.  Start your meditation by opening up your sense of hearing- literally just listen to all of the sounds around and within you. Don’t try to shut any sounds out. Just hear everything you can hear. Then practice continuously releasing your thoughts with each exhalation.

Active listening as you inhale.

Releasing your thoughts as you exhale.

Apply that practice of clear, unobstructed listening towards your own life today.  

February 2, 2016

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