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Private Sessions

By working on-on-one, we can tailor a yoga practice to meet the demands of your busy and complex life. If you desire more intimacy and attention, or are dealing with injuries and trauma, private sessions might be perfect for you.

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Shri Yantra

Together, we will co-create your unique yoga lesson from the following offerings:


YOGA THERAPY-  Private therapeutic yoga sessions are designed to liberate you from chronic pain, generate lasting healing, and establish healthy and functional postural patterns for years to come. Injuries persist because biomechanical misalignments diminish your body’s inherent capacity to heal. Using asana, breath-work, manual adjustments, assists, and deep-tissue releases, we will address and heal your specific biomechanical imbalances. Together, we can establish and maintain optimal alignment, unlocking your body’s innate healing abilities and facilitating a rapid and lasting recovery.
Yoga therapy is great for chronic injuries of all kinds including: lower back pain, shoulder and neck strain, sciatica, rotator cuff injuries, scoliosis, whiplash, carpal-tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, post-surgical rehabilitation, fertility, auto-immune disorders, chronic fatigue, insomnia and more…
BEGINNERS YOGA- Carefully crafted for beginning students, these sessions create a comfortable and nurturing environment in which to explore the mysteries of yoga, step by step, at your own pace. These private sessions will build a strong anti fungal foundation, increase confidence, and, if desired, help students transition to public classes. Discover why people from all walks of life are turning to yoga to relieve stress, find new freedom, and transform their lives.
SEMI-PRIVATE SESSIONS (2-4 People)-  More economical than private training, these sessions systematically teach you precise and effective alignment while radically expanding your range in the practice. This small and familiar group setting creates the opportunity to share the yoga practice with friends, family, or partners.
YOGA FOR ATHLETES-  Use your yoga practice to improve athletic performance and decrease recovery time. Optimal biomechanical alignment decreases stress and strain, increases endurance and enhances focus. Your yoga practice can re-balance the body and mind after the exacting demands of your sport or hobby.
ADVANCED YOGA- Are you craving a super-advanced practice and feeling uninspired in public class? Do you want to master that ONE pose that has eluded you for years? These transformational sessions are tailored to the individual needs of advanced yoga students and yoga teachers. Engage your radical expansion.
MEDITATION-  Still your mind and rest in the natural great peace at your center. These sessions begin with a short movement practice to prepare your body for sitting. Together we will explore various meditation practices and traditions to find the techniques that works best for you and your mind.