If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?

Dear Friend,

Perhaps you have already had this experience: your precious body, which has for years complied with every request and demand like an obedient servant, suddenly stops obeying. When the body finally says no, via an injury or illness, we can feel devastated and betrayed.

For years I masked my body’s warnings with medications, sugar, caffeine, and, believe it or not, acceptance and a positive attitude.  When my body stopped complying, I felt hopeless and afraid, because my physical health was so essential to my livelihood.


Yoga is a lifestyle of continuously moving the parts of ourselves into right relationship with one another, and each mans health health challenge is an opportunity for that practice to unfold. Whenever we experience illness or injury we’re given a unique opportunity to bring the body and mind back into alignment.  Our illnesses and injuries are messengers, letting us know that we have moved out of balance. They let us know that it’s time for the mind to start LISTENING to the body instead of vis-a-versa.

Are there any messages your body has been giving you? Your body certainly has insights about what it needs. Are you listening… right now?

For me, this listening has meant a radical shift in lifestyle and seeking out the support of practitioners who help me hear.


Siri Peterson Cavanna

August 8, 2017