In as many moments as possible, let’s take the relief. Let’s take the nourishment.


Dear Friend,

We live in a culture where the act of giving is nearly always elevated above taking. As I was looking for my usual header quote on the subject, I came upon hundreds of phrases valuing giving over taking:

“You get most things in life not by taking, but by giving.” 

“Love is not for taking. Love is for giving.”

I could go on.

But of course, these energy flows are part of the same process and cannot exist without one other. Like the inhalation and exhalation, night and day, within and without, we are always embedded in a dance of giving and taking.

This pharmacy week I practice the yoga of TAKING. This week I will sit down and TAKE my food in… slowly and deliberately, with pleasure and gratitude. This week I will be TAKING the compliment. This week I TAKE a few moments out of the day for myself. This week I will TAKE more time for sleep. This week I choose to TAKE IN the beauty of my fellow humans in as many moments as I can remember.

This week I TAKE, not just to give back, but to enjoy and revel and relax in the taking as an innate feature of the gift of life. I TAKE to show up more fully in my life and with more presence.

How will you practice the yoga of TAKING?


Siri Peterson Cavanna

August 20, 2016