Yoga Immersion in Berkeley, California

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100 HR Yoga Immersion


With Siri Cavanna, Chrissy Graham, Saraswati Clere and Special Guests

YogaKula in Berkeley, CA


Welcome to this journey towards more conscious living! The Yoga Immersion is for seriously curious yogis who wish to immerse themselves in a community of like-hearted souls and take their practice to the next level.  During our 100 hour Immersion we will dive deeply into the traditions and practices of yoga, connect with the fullness of ourselves and each other, and harvest the fruits of a dedicated practice.

Participants will receive in-depth instruction in asana performance, biomechanics, alignment, applied anatomy, core yogic texts, various philosophical lineages and traditions, meditation techniques, pranayama, mantra, yoga therapeutics. By exploring multiple perspectives within the yoga tradition, including Patanjali’s yoga sutras and the Bhagavad Gita, you will learn to orient your vision in ways that celebrate and enhance life.  Elegant alignment principles and life-affirming philosophy help us awaken to our highest potential and uncover our heart’s desires. Yoga Immersion moves our yoga practice off the mat and deep into our hearts, minds, and spirits, where it can transform our lives in powerful ways.


During Yoga Immersion, you will gain a clear working knowledge of:

  • Principles of Alignment in Asana
  • History and Evolution of Yoga
  • Core Pranayama  Practices
  • Core Meditation Practices
  • Performance of Level 1 and 2 Syllabus Poses
  • How to build your home practice
  • Essential Anatomy and Physiology for Injury-free asana
  • Restorative yoga practice
  • Tantric Metaphysics and Cosmology
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
  • Subtle body anatomy
  • The doshas of Ayurveda
  • Introduction to Bhagavad Gita
  • Structural Yoga Therapeutics

 IMMERSION 2017-2018  Dates 

  • October 28-29
  • November 18-19
  • December 9-10
  • January 20-21
  • February 17-18
  • March 24-25
  • April 21-22

*If you want to attend Immersion, but need to miss a weekend, contact me and I will help you make up the missed dates.


Saturday & Sunday 12pm – 7pm

Break from 3 to 4pm


$1575 before Oct. 1st

$1675 after Oct. 1st

Immersion + TT paid in full:

$3000 before Oct. 1st

$3200 after Oct. 1st

Payment plans available. $500 deposit is required to reserve your spot.

Wondering if an Immersion or Teacher Training is right for you? Join us for our introductory weekend where we will explore the Anusara method.

MOVING ENEGRY: Exploring Anusara’s 5 Universal Principles of Alignment  

with Kenny Graham, Chrissy Graham and Siri Peterson Cavanna

YogaKula, Berkeley, CA

October 28th: 12 – 3pm & 4pm -7pm (Kenny Graham)

October 28th: 12 – 3pm & 4pm -7pm (Chrissy Graham & Siri Cavanna)


When applied to the asana practice, this elegant system of alignment refines our perception of our own life energy and allows us to move that energy (physical, mental and emotional) in meaningful and direct ways. On Saturday we will use standing poses, hip openers and forward bends to investigate how these principles can help us to ground and release long held tension. On Sunday we will explore how optimal alignment in arm balances and backbends reconnects us to our powerful centers, evoking the heart’s joyful unfolding…

$45 per session/$150 for the full weekend

“I have enjoyed this rich, comprehensive training by seasoned teacher trainers; changed my own personal yoga practice for the better; gained exposure to high quality yoga-related/healing practices and topics that I can use in my life.” – Jerri Durbin Brown


Anusara is a system that is so right for me in every way and finally meets  and compliments the other practices I’ve done for many years. My body, mind and attitude have changed. It’s been such a deep, amazing and challenging journey… During Immersion I got married, moved, had an injury, and lost a beloved pet. It’s been a total life support for it all. Siri and Saraswati have been elegant and fearless leaders with so much knowledge, wisdom and wit to share with us.” -Jewel Barrette


“This training is fabulous in its holistic approach, for it weaves together all the aspects of ancient yoga tradition and helps students apply and integrate the information into their own asana practice and their teaching.” -Catherine Walters


“On the first day I just knew I was in the right place, at the right time in my life.  Siri and Saraswati are experienced, graceful and warm teachers.  This program brought together all the elements of a mind, body and soul connection for me.  I feel very grateful and fortunate for all the amazing guest speakers.  I am even more hungry to learn more and take these tools into my life.” -Magdalena Hurtado

*All classroom hours of the 100 hr. Yoga Immersion count towards your eventual 200 hr. yoga teaching certification with Yoga Kula. However, the Yoga Immersion is often taken as a stand alone experience designed to deepen one’s personal practice and knowledge. Oftentimes students have much greater clarity as to whether or not Teacher Training is the right path once they have completed Immersion.  Graduates of Track One (100 hour Immersion) are then eligible to continue on with Teacher Training if they choose. The YogaKula Immersion is registered with both Yoga Alliance and the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.

Registered Yoga School 200 Hours Yoga Alliance Certified
Anusara affiliated training program

To register for this immersion, contact or click HERE.


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