Exploring the 5 Universal Principles of Alignment of Anusara Yoga

with Kenny Graham, Chrissy Graham and Siri Peterson Cavanna

YogaKula, Berkeley, CA

October 28th: 12 – 3pm & 4pm -7pm (Kenny Graham)

October 28th: 12 – 3pm & 4pm -7pm (Chrissy Graham & Siri Cavanna)

When applied to the asana practice, this elegant system of alignment refines our perception of our own life energy and allows us to move that energy (physical, mental and emotional) in meaningful and direct ways. On Saturday we will use standing poses, hip openers and forward bends to investigate how these principles can help us to ground and release long held tension. On Sunday we will explore how optimal alignment in arm balances and backbends reconnects us to our powerful centers, evoking the heart’s joyful unfolding…

$45 per session/$150 for the full weekend

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Dates, times, and location TBA


Join Matthew Cavanna and Siri Peterson Cavanna for a three-day journey in preparing for birth. Using yoga, contact dance, relational exercises, limbic imprint recoding, guided meditations, and knowledge of attachment theory, pregnant couples will deepen their connection physically, spiritually, and emotionally and prepare themselves for the powerful rite of passage of a human birth.

This workshop is for pregnant couples who want to give their babies a head start in life by not passing on their own traumas to their children.

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