with Siri Peterson Cavanna

YogaKula, Berkeley, CA

January 20th, February 17th and February 18th

12-3pm and 4-7pm

When applied to the asana practice, the Anusara system of alignment refines our perception of our own life energy and allows us to move that energy (physical, mental and emotional) in meaningful and life affirming ways. Join us as we explore the alignment and philosophies of Anusara Yoga. Open to all levels.

$45 per session/$160 for a full weekend
contact to register.

Get Grounded and Let Go: Hip Opening
January 20, 12-3pm 

What does it mean to “open” the hips? We’ll explore this question from anatomical, biomechanical, energetic and philosophical perspectives, utilizing the techniques of inner and outer spiral to guide our unfolding. The complex and potent practice of hip opening helps connect to the earth, release those energies that no longer serve and ground us in present moment awareness.


An Introduction to the Yoga Sutras 
January 20th, 4-7pm

This foundational yogic text gave us a map of the conscious and unconscious mind nearly a millennium before Freud. We’ll explore how the key teaching of the Yoga Sutras, particularly the yamas and niyamas, still relate to our modern lives and invite stillness and peace amidst the complexities of everyday living.


Release the Heart’s Joy: Arm Balances and Backbends! 
February 17th, 12-3pm 

The shoulders truly are the doorways to the heart. The shoulder girdle is an instrument that can either block or unlock the heart’s power and joy.  Performed well, arm balances and backbends have the potential to release long held tension in your shoulders and set a healthier alignment for your breath and nervous system. We will learn how optimal shoulder alignment, facilitated by the loops and spirals on Anusara yoga, creates pathways to more joy and power.


Clearing the Mind Part One: Pranayama and Pratyahara
February 18th, 4-7pm

The practices of pranayama and pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) invite us into deeper relationship to our own source energy. While these practices give us practical tools and techniques for both calming and stoking that energy at will, the more subtle aspects of pranayama invite us to a deep listening and discipleship to the flow of life itself.


Root and Rise: Standing Balances
February 18th, 12- 3pm

In this class, we will use more complex standing balances to investigate how sending our energy  out helps us bring more energy in! When we are rooted, we are able to give and receive nourishment more freely.


Clearing the Mind Part Two: The Witness
February 18th, 4-7pm

To experience santosha, the supreme contentment that is the promise of yoga, we need to gain some leverage on the the mind and it’s activities. The Yoga Sutras provides us with a spacious framework for understanding the mind. Through ever deepening levels of observation and awareness, where we witness the flow of consciousness itself, we begin to access the deep stillness that underlies all experience.


Next workshop cycle occurs April  21st and 22nd. Stay tuned!




Dates, times, and location TBA


Join Matthew Cavanna and Siri Peterson Cavanna for a three-day journey in preparing for birth. Using yoga, contact dance, relational exercises, limbic imprint recoding, guided meditations, and knowledge of attachment theory, pregnant couples will deepen their connection physically, spiritually, and emotionally and prepare themselves for the powerful rite of passage of a human birth.

This workshop is for pregnant couples who want to give their babies a head start in life by not passing on their own traumas to their children.

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