“Take your pleasure seriously.” -Charles Eames



Dear Friend,

When so much of the dominant culture (and even yoga culture) profits from your negative feelings, ATTENDING TO YOUR PLEASURE IS A REVOLUTIONARY ACT.

Your body can feel good to you, and in any given moment you can acquire a better feeling in your body. It requires movement, deep listening, patience and trust.

Many argue that our basic physical impulses tend towards inertia. We therefore have to aggressively push ourselves out of our “lazy habits” and weaknesses. In my experience, when we allow the body to rest fully, it will quickly and naturally seek the movement that supports its vitality. It’s a very simple concept, but cultural pressures seem to confuse our primal impulses to feel better physically.

On the mat we can start to TRUST that our good feelings are good for us.  The next time you get on the mat, instead of exploring the edges of your discomfort, endurance or pain, EXPLORE THE EDGES OF YOUR PLEASURE. Watch how your body opens and unfolds.

Take pleasure in your magnificent body right now. Begin by simply holding that intention. It might be as simple as shifting your posture, taking a deeper breath and pausing to feel.  If you have the time, walk, dance or practice yoga for a few minutes. You might try touching your body lovingly (and if that makes you laugh you might ask WHY the idea of being kind to your body makes you feel uncomfortable). Stay present with whatever arises.

We cultivate what we attend to.


Siri Peterson Cavanna


July 8, 2016